Open positions

We are always looking for new group members who want to advance our understanding of the human brain and who are dedicated to our core values of transparency, inclusiveness, rigor, practicality, and curiosity. You will have the chance to work on open-source tools and apply modern data science methods to the most complicated object in the universe: the human brain.

Current open positions

You find the current job openings here: Undergraduate/Master student RA,

Applications for PhD and Postdoc positions

Do not feel limited to responding to the open positions above. We consider unsolicited applications for postdocs, PhD students, Master students, postbaccalaureates, and undergraduates. If you are interested in working with us, please send an email and feel free to contact any of our current team members to inquire about our research culture. Please attach a CV and briefly describe your research interests. There is no need for a separate cover letter or certificates. Important: please insert “Application PhD”, “Application Postdoc”, and so-on in the subject line. If you are applying to a specific advertisement, note this in your email.